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Telstar Records hit the ground running in 1985. Head honcho Todd Abramson caught the Ben Vaughn Combo playing around N.Y.C. and thought they were so damn great that somebody should put a record out on them. So he took matters into his own hands and put out their debut release, “My First Band” in January of that year.

The Ben Vaughn Combo boasted the criteria that has become Telstar’s stock in trade. Bands like The Mummies, Swingin’ Neckbreakers, Greenhornes and Woggles embrace the elements of garage, r’n’b, soul, surf, punk and more that once made music so enjoyable, and put their own unique individual stamps on it to come up with something new and exciting. You can’t lose with the stuff we use! We’re happy to do all the work of tracking these bands down. All you have to do is buy their records and cd’s. This is a good deal for everyone involved.

Telstar Records • P.O. Box 1123 • Hoboken, NJ • 07030 • USA