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CDs and LPs

The Greenhornes

Dual Mono (TR 045) CD LP
The Greenhornes (TR 042) CD LP



The Swingin' Neckbreakers

The Return Of Rock (TR 037) CD LP
Kick Your Ass (TR 029) CD LP
Shake Break! (TR 019) CD LP
Live For Buzz (TR 012) CD LP





The Mummies

Never Been Caught (TR 005) CD LP


The Woggles

Fractured (TR 038) CD LP
Get Tough (TR 023) CD LP



Southern Culture on the Skids

Liquored Up And Lacquered Down (TR 040) LP
Plastic Seat Sweat (TR 030) LP
Dirt Track Date (TR 020) LP




The Muffs

Happy Birthday To Me (TR 027) LP


The Fleshtones

Hitsburg Revisited (TR 035) CD
More Than Skin Deep (TR 031) LP



The Exciting Mach Kung-Fu

Teach A Chick To Dance! (TR 039) CD LP


The Krontjong Devils

On Tour (TR 028) CD LP


Menster Phip & The Phipsters

Phip City (TR 010) CD


The Country Rockers

Free Range Chicken (TR 004) CD LP


The Bomboras

Head Shrinkin’ Fun (TR 032) LP


Various Artists

Halloween Hootenanny (TR 034) LP


7 Inch Vinyl

Les Sexareenos Can You Do The Nose Moustache? (TR 043) 7"
Cécilia & Ses Ennuis Mon Engin D’Enfer (TR 040) 7"
The Mooney Suzuki “Your Love Is A Gentle Whip” + 2 (TR 036) 7"
The Fabulous Mach Kung-Fu “Mish Mash”/”Tiger Stomp” (TR 025) 7"
The Brentwoods “Do The Bug With Me”/”Buri Buri U.S.A.” (TR 018) 7"
The Hekawis “Scalp Surfin’” (TR 016) 7"
The Swingin' Neckbreakers “I’m In Love With Me”/”Quit Your Belly Achin’ Baby” (TR 015) 7"
The Young Fresh Fellows “(Hey Come On Everybody It’s) Gorilla Time” /”Mo’ Gorilla” (TR 014) 7"


Telstar Records • P.O. Box 1123 • Hoboken, NJ 07030 U.S.A.