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Dual Mono (TR 045) Stunning effort from the Cincinnati kids. Driving rockers like “It Returns” and “The Way It’s Mean To Be” are interspersed with moody classics like “Three Feint Calls” and “Don’t Come Running To Me”. Holly Golightly makes two guest vocal appearances. These guys just keep getting better! CD/LP
The Greenhornes (TR 042) Great sounds from this awesome Cincinnati combo. Their dynamic sound is well-versed in soulful r’n’b and primo rock’n’roll. Standouts include “Can’t Stand It”, “Shame And Misery”, “High Time Baby” and “Stay Away Girl”. CD/LP


The Swingin’ Neckbreakers

The Return Of Rock (TR 037) 4th amazing album by N.J.’s finest! Includes the already legendary tribute to pro wreslter Baron Mikel Scicluna, “Hail To The Baron”. Other barn burners include “Definition Of Love”, “Stop, Drop, Wiggle” and “I’m In A Band”. CD/LP
Kick Your Ass (TR 029) The Neckbreakers 3rd album features such live favorites as “I’m The Mailman”, “Super Stuff”, “Pool Hoppin” and “The Flop”. 12 awesome orignals and covers of Love and Jerry Lee. CD/LP
Shake Break! (TR 019) No sophmore slump for these guys! This album wails from start to finish. Hits include “Wait”, “Mighty Mack”, “Ice Water”, “Shakedown” and “Action Kid”. Never mind The Beach Boys, this album should be called 15 Big Ones! CD/LP
Live For Buzz (TR 012) It’s no exaggeration to call the Neckbreakers debut one of the best rock’n’roll albums ever! A wild and crazy affair features “You” (as performed on The Sopranos!), “Little Pink Medicine”, “Saturday’s Best”, “Thinkin’ Man’s Girl” and the classic closing medley of “The Girl Can’t Dance” and “Look Away”. To know this album is to love it. CD/LP


The Mummies

Never Been Caught (TR 005) Punk rock as it oughta be! This fabulous and crazed album doesn’t let up from start to finish! Frisco’s finest pound out 17 classics, inlcuding “Stronger Than Dirt”, “Your Ass (Is Next In Line)”, “Red Cobra #9” and a cover of Supercharger’s “Sooprize Package For Mr. Mineo”. CD includes 6 extra cuts from singles and compilation LP’s. CD/LP


The Woggles

Ragged But Right (TR 046) Recorded and mixed at the Kudzu Ranch in Mebane, NC. Engineered by Rick Miller. Produced by Jeff Walls. CD/LP
Fractured (TR 038) Southern fried rock’n’roll including “Doin’ The Montague”, “Takamatsu Twist” and the searing title cut. 14 cuts guaranteed to get you stylin’ and profillin’ on the dance floor! CD/LP
Get Tough (TR 023) Discover why the Woggles ministry reaches people from all walks of life! 14 tracks, including such popular favorites as “Push”, “Mule-Lipped” and “Zombie Stomp”. CD/LP


Southern Culture on the Skids

Liquored Up And Lacquered Down (TR 040) More southern-fried revelry from the masters. Includes the title track, “I Learned To Dance In Mississippi”, “King Of The Mountain” and cool versions of Irma Thomas’ “Hittin’ On Nothing” and Roger & The Gypsies’ “Pass The Hatchet” LP
Plastic Seat Sweat (TR 030) A rip-roaring affair from start to finish. Twelve cuts suitable for dancin’ and romancin’ inlcuding “House Of Bamboo”, “Shotgun” and a barn burning cover of The Country Rockers’ “Love-A-Rama”. LP
Dirt Track Date (TR 020) Many of this great North Carolina band’s long-time stage favorites are included on this sizzling set. Highlights include the sublime “Soul City”, “Camel Walk”, “8 Piece Box”, “Fried Chicken And Gasoline” and “White Trash”. Varoom! LP


The Muffs

Happy Birthday To Me (TR 027) The third album by this excellent L.A. pop/punk trio featuring the searing vocals of Kim Shattuck (ex-Pandoras). Includes “That Awful Man”, “My Crazy Afternoon” and “I’m A Dick”. 15 cuts in all. LP


The Fleshtones

Hitsburg Revisited (TR 035) The 'Tones second album of covers (with the exception of the great original, “Hitsburg U.S.A.”). Amongst the artists given the Fleshtones Super Rock treatment are Andre Williams, Eddie Cochran, Hank Ballard and Sammy Davis Jr.! 14 cuts. CD
More Than Skin Deep (TR 031) In our humble opion, this is easily The Fleshtones best album ever! Kicking off with the bold statement, “I’m Not A Sissy” this record does not let up...faves include “Gentlemen’s Twist”, “God Damn It” and the sinister “Dance With The Ghoulman”. LP


The Exciting Mach Kung-Fu

Teach A Chick To Dance! (TR 039) Banzai! A total blast! This Japanese trio unleashes a superb mix of reverb-drenched instrumentals and howlin’ vocals. Check out their great version of The Sonics’ “Psycho” as well as “Bamboo Twist”, “Jungle Bandstand”, “Signapore ‘66” and 8 more scorchers! CD/LP


The Krontjong Devils

On Tour (TR 028) These Dutch lads are one of the pre-eminent surf bands in the world. One listen to this fabulous album and it’s easy to see why! Most of the 16 selections are great covers of groups like The Toads, Surfaris and Teenbeats. Five vocals and eleven instrumentals will be a treat for gremmies and ho-dads alike! CD/LP


Menster Phip & the Phipsters

Phip City (TR 010) Primitive! Recorded live in “The Asparagus Room” in Fairlawn, New Jersey circa 1963. Fans of Hasil Adkins will delight as The Phipsters pound their way through assorted rock’n’roll classics and their unforgettable original, “Daddy Wants A Cold Beer”! Twenty unruly numbers . CD


The Country Rockers

Free Range Chicken (TR 004) A Wild’n’wooly excursion into Americana direct from Memphis. This combo featured Ron Easley (Tav Falco, Alex Chilton) and two elder statesmen. Unforgettable versions of “Arkansas Twist”, “Rockin’ Daddy”, “Castro Rock”, “Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin” and the original “Love A Rama” (covered by S.C.O.T.S.). 9 appear on the CD. CD/LP


The Bomboras

Head Shrinkin’ Fun (TR 032) The final album from this high energy (mostly) instrumental band from Southern California. 15 cuts including “Go-Go Bombora”, “Swingin’ On Pier 13” and “Playa De Los Muertos”. Great cover art. LP


Various Artists

Halloween Hootenanny (TR 034) Some of today’s finest at their most diabolical. 16 cuts including Rocket From The Crypt (“I Drink Blood”), S.C.O.T.S. (“Werewolf”), Reverend Horton Heat (“The Halloween Dance”). Swingin’ Neckbreakers (“No Costume, No Candy”) and Los Straitjackets (“The Munsters Theme”). LP


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